RC Elecronic Speed Controllers

1) Calibrating RC Electronic Speed Controllers to TX Throttle Travel

Calibrating ESC throttle ranges is an important part of setting up multi-engined planes and multi-copters, as it ensures that the ESC’s all respond in the same way to the travel of the throttle stick.
If this is a new model setup it is a good idea to reset the Tx model memory to the default values. Set throttle trim to minimum.
To calibrate an ESC, follow this procedure:
  • Unplug everything from your receiver (Rx).
  • Plug the ESC into the receiver Throttle channel.
  • Turn on your transmitter (Tx), and move the throttle stick to the top.
  • Power up your ESC with a motor attached (but without a prop!)
  • The ESC will beep a few times, then stop. How many times, and for how long, depends on the make and model. That means it has set the Throttle Max value.
  • After the ESC has stopped beeping, move your throttle on your Tx to zero. The ESC will then beep again, confirming that it has set the Throttle Min value.
  • Repeat this procedure for all your ESCs.
Note: Set the ESC battery type to  NiMH to prevent battery cut-off (3.7volts) when using Li-Po type batteries in Multi-Copters or Helicopters.