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Posted by David Turner on 24/03/2017

Best swapmeet for years. Keep up the good work.

Posted by David Turner on 24/09/2016   Email

Wondering whether any of you guys has a photo of an Advance 40, as sold by Ian Larkin of Humberside' Models? I'm just experiencing a nostalgia trip.

Posted by Dave Sanderson on 28/07/2016

Pete beat me as usual. many thanks for a very friendly welcome to the club on Wednesday. Look forward to meeting more members in September.

Posted by Pete Jackson on 27/07/2016

Just to say thanks for the friendly help given to myself, Harvey and Dave by Dave and BADMAC members on our first flights at our new Club today.

Posted by Mark Andrew on 21/02/2016   Email

I visited the field on Thursday with a view to joining the club. Let just say a BIG thank you the two chaps who were very friendly and helpful. Cheers guys and I shall be joining later this year..

Posted by Peter Greaves on 26/04/2015   Email

Has anyone lost a large rc plane near Aldbrough, if so email and describe Peter

Posted by TONY DAVEY ( BB ) on 15/04/2014   Email

Looks a great field, do you fly jets there,

Posted by Stephen Reeve on 14/04/2014   Email

Great site, I live up the road in York so should get to pop to see you,I found your site on model chat, have fun see you soon.

Posted by Garry Pollard on 14/04/2014   Email

Looks a super site, and have put it in the sat nav memory, and will certainly visit when I am in the are

Posted by David Turner on 16/03/2014   Email

As ever, thanks for organising the swap-meet... and the coffee.

Posted by Mark Murray on 10/03/2014

Well done Syd website looking very Good