Bixler League

Bixler League Results 2020

Bixler League Rules


The league is based on a power duration competition for a single model type. The competition will be run over a scheduled number of rounds throughout the year.

The Competition Procedure

  1. The competition will be run to a fixed schedule of rounds which will be published prior to the following years' competition. The competition will be scheduled between January and September with the fly-off in October. Each competitor is limited to a maximum of 20 recorded flights throughout the competition year. A minimum of 5 flights must be recorded to qualify for the fly-off.
  2. Each round may be flown with a single model at a time or with up to 6 models flying concurrently. Competitors and CD to decide.
  3. A CD will be nominated for each round.
  4. The CD will specify the launch (or take-off) and landing areas, depending on the conditions prevailing.
  5. Each round will be flown to a 5 minute maximum. Individual competitor flight times will be recorded by the CD and converted into seconds to represent the score in points. Hence a maximum flight time will record 300 points. 
  6. The motor run time will be 30 seconds for an unmodified powertrain and 18 seconds for a modified powertrain. Further motor runs are not permitted throughout the flight and landing phases. Any contravention of this will result in a nil point score being recorded. The CD will be responsible for timing motor runs.
  7. Landing accuracy will be rewarded with bonus points. The measured distance will be from the nearest part of the aircraft to the landing spot. The CD will be responsible for measuring and recording. The landing points will be added to the flight time. See table below.
  8. On completion of the league each competitor’s top 5 scores will be added together to give a final total score. From these final scores, the top 5 competitors will then take part in a single flying day, 3 round fly-off. This will take place in October where the nominated day will be decided by mutual consent of those competing.

 Distance from Landing Spot
 Within 5 metres
 Within 10 metres
 Within 15 metres

The Model

The model will be a Bixler Mk1, 2 or 3.


No modifications allowed other than those deemed to improve access, strength or visibility. It is highly recommended that the wing spar is strengthened. External profile of fuselage, wing and tail feathers must not be altered. Operating wing flaps or ailerons programmed to act as flaps are not permitted.

The Powertrain

Motor may be upgraded, but the motor must be contained diametrically within the existing motor nacelle profile. Max can diameter 28 mm.

Lipo 2200 3S

No restriction on ESC max amperage.

Propeller design open with max diameter 7 inches/177 mm. Folding propellers are not permitted.