Bixler League 2016 Competition Results

The Bixler League fly-off 2016 was held on Tuesday 25th October. The finalists were Brian Jenkins, Trevor Marritt, Ian Perry, Roy Wood and Tim Brooks, unfortunately Roy Wood had to drop out, his place was taken by John Baines. The fly-off was held over three rounds with the victor being the one with the longest combined flight times and landing bonuses, the contest culminated in a close finish with only 22 points separating first and second places. Brian Jenkins was the outright victor with an excellent 774 points on a virtually still day with no lift. The maximum achievable score is 1050 points.The final positions are as follows:

Brian Jenkins 774 points

Tim Brooks 752 points

Trevor Marritt 684 points

Ian Perry 556 points

John Baines, retired with model problems