Vic Smeed Memorial Trophy

Organised by SAM 35 (Society of Antique Modellers).

The model could be any Vic Smeed design. Club member Brian Jenkins built and flew the 'Tomboy' and the 'Courtesan'. The models were only allowed a single channel (rudder), a minimum 30secs engine run and the object of the exercise was a spot landing.

The competition was open to all-comers. Brian, in the club's new polo shirt, emerged a worthy winner with the 'Tomboy' powered by an Irvine Mills 0.75cc diesel engine. The competition for this trophy took place recently at Old Warden in Bedfordshire, home of the Shuttleworth Collection of aircraft.

Vic Smeed (1923 - 2011)

He was a well-known designer of model boats, aircraft and cars, with an interest in railway and military modelling. He was also involved in the publication of 30 odd books related to modelling. He was also a pilot in WW2.

See event photographs below.

Old Warden