BADMAC Model Aircraft Show 2015 (formerley Concourse)

The BADMAC model aircraft show was held on the 14th April 2015 at the Hodgson's Pub, Flemingate, Beverley. The event was well attended with numerous models entered into the show.

The results of the show were as follows;

 Howard Thompson
 Sport  Harry Sawdon  Falcon
 Scale  Glynn Barker  Chipmunk
 Runners Up    
 Trevor Marritt
 Sport  Harry Sawdon  Panther Autogyro
 Scale  Mike Walker  Tucano
 Best in Show  Glynn Barker  Chipmunk
 Lew Parry Memorial Trophy  Harry Sawdon  Panther Autogyro

Photos of the Winning Entries.

The trophies were presented by Katie Donaldson, a pilot of proper aeroplanes !!!